Dear Jolantha,
I am a Weston school bus driver. Thank you for being there for our 'back to school days'. The little ones on my bus really liked seeing you sitting inside a school bus. It helped them understand that everyone grows up and goes to school. It helped big time as we were
discussing if we should turn back and take them home. Or were they brave enough to continue on to kindergarten just like you. Thank you for showing your support. We appreciate you and enjoy all of your outfits.
Susan from Route 12

Hi, I'm from Florida and own a pig named Ziffel.
Every year when I visit I have my friend from Bethel drive me by
your house to photograph your pig!
Your web site is fabulous.........

I'm so happy that many others share in my joy of seeing you on a daily bases. My commute to work is a pleasurable task knowing you'll be awaiting me around the bend.
All the Best, Lana

Thank you Jolantha for giving me something to look forward to as I commute back and forth to work.  Every morning I wake up to your newest outfit and every evening seeing you reminds me that I'm almost home to my loved ones. You have also become something of a celebratory here at work as a colleague and I discuss your latest attire while others look on in wonder of what the heck it is we're talking about. Once again, thank you for being my beacon on the way to and from work.

Jolantha, Thank you for sharing your humor, political views and sense of style with all of us passer-by-ers. I drive past you most mornings and look forward to what you will be commenting on that day.  I especially enjoyed your response to the latest presidential election.  I commiserate with you on that.
Best wishes,

Thank you so much for providing me with many smiles and outright guffaws when I come around the corner and see "Miss Piggy" in her outfit of the season. My favorite was the Menorrah tierra and dreidel earrings at Channuka...and I'm not even Jewish!  I also thought the Easter Bunny disguise was hysterical. I can't begin to tell you how much I look forward to seeing Jolantha on my way to work. I even took family members who were visiting from California to see her during a tour of the area.  She has been camcordered to show the folks bach home in LA!  I've always wanted to leave a note to tell you how much I enjoy her, but I'm delighted to be able to e-mail you. 
Thank you again for putting the fun in life!  I love her name too.

Dear Jolantha.
We say good morning to you every day on our way to nursery school, and we thank you for making us smile!
Love, Amelie and Carolina

Hi, I have been commuting past your home for many years and my day is always brightened by your wonderful ideas.

Jolantha, you don't realize what a following you have. My grandmother lives on Smith Farm Road, not far from you. She is 95 yrs old and has lived in Weston since 1945. We past you often and on Sundays when we pick Gram and her sister Great Aunt Ella up for Sunday dinner at our house in Redding, we must pass you and I slow down so Gram and Aunt Ella can see your many different outfits. Thank you so much for becoming a very important landmark on Kellog Hill.

Driving past your driveway is the highpoint of my day!  I take the back roads from Monroe to Silvermine School in Norwalk, and I always look forward to taking the very sharp right and then the immediate left at your corner so I can see if Jolantha has something new.  Holidays are always a treat, and  I just loved "the gates" a few months ago. The balloon a couple of weeks ago had me stumped. I actually came to a stop today when I saw the computer and keyboard!  I tell all my friends who prefer the speedway (otherwise known as Route 136) that they should take a detour if for no other reason than to see "the pig".  Thanks so much for making the world a better place. 

Hi There, I live right up the road off of Old Redding on Winslow Road. My wife and I always have enjoyed Jolantha and are happy that she has a web page as we are always telling our friends about her. The best was The Gate, I was laughing so hard I had to pull to the side of Kellogg Hill Road when I spotted that. Keep up the great work and we do plan on buying a Yollie for luck and cheer!!

 PS. I have a photo of her dressed for this past Easter and made up wallet size photos, I hope you don’t mind the photo taking it was the only way friends would believe I was not drinking when I told them about her.If you come across it taped to her butt you will know how it got there
Regards, Mike Vincelli & Rhea

How very cute!  Everytime we pass, we guess what the piggie may be wearing THIS time!  It's always a joy as we admire the clever nature of the neighbors who live there.  Thank you for sharing Jolantha's story...our children love her as much as I... and even my husband guesses how she may be garbed, depending the season or holiday! Thank you again! Fondly,
Susan Feliciano

Without my cup of Jo in the morning I'd just be another one of the grumps grinding my way to work each morning.  Thanks Jolantha!

Dear Little Piggy –
Some mornings, as I drive to work,
I am sad. Then I turn the corner and see you.
Such joy de vivre! Such porcine panache!
It’s wonderful having a friend like you.
Betsy October 04

Dear Pig –
Thank you for making us smile every day. We love you, Jolantha.
Your neighbors
Peggy & Jerry

Thank you for making me smile every time I go past your house to
see Jolantha. I like her Halloween costume best.
From: Brian

Dear Pig!
I love you. I admire that you dress for the different Holidays and Seasons
and I thank you for the smiles you bring forth. Happy Easter!
An Admirer Easter 05

When I was having my “Christo-Gate” earlier this year,
Betsy wrote the following:

No bacon-makin’ bumpkin
Only fit for mud and swill,
This little pig cosmopolite
Has interests that will
Reveal fine sensibilities
To texture, tint and line
The country folk will tell you
Are unusual in swine.

Unlike most barnyard citizens,
Content to pass each day
Attired in fur and fleece and fluff
Unchanged in any way,
This true aesthete eschews a look
That alters not a fig,
But rather chooses to put on
Haute couture for a pig.

No big surprise to see now
Our pig hero has of late
Acquired for his personal use
His own grand Christo Gate.
Its saffron drapery clearly marks
The entrance to his farm
And shows the pig’s susceptible
To Fine Art’s boundless charm.
Betsy Feb 05

Dearest Jolantha,
Every day we pass you many times and each time we look, you bring a
smile to our faces. We love your unbiased generosity and goodwill in
all your customary and celebrate all along with you.
Fondest regards,
The Stryker Family April 05